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Turn To Your Silent Army

There is a Jewish prayer we say at bedtime, after the Shema, that gives me great solace. It sounds better in Hebrew, when you say it in that sing-song-y way I learned as a child, but here it is translated:

  • To my right is (the angel) Michael; 
  • To my left is (the angel) Gabriel; 
  • In front of me is (angel) Uriel; 
  • Behind me is the angel Raphael; 
  • And above my head is the Divine Presence. 

Do you ever think about the concept of angels? It’s not just a Jewish thing. Many of us have heard, at one time or another, to “call on our angels” for support in difficult times.

Conceptually an angel is a Divine creation that is sent down to Earth–or rather, perhaps, out, from the spiritual plane to the material one–to take care of a specific task.

I remember vividly one day as I was crossing the street, and a bus nearly ran right into me, how “something” pushed me out of the way. And I “know,” in that way we know things without having proof of them, that God sent down an angel that day to save my life.

In the human realm, we have so many angels in our lives. But because we are physical, formed beings, it is difficult for us to take our material blinders off. The truth is, every person we encounter has touched our lives for a spiritual reason that has nothing to do with why they seem to be there.

I know a lot of people think life is more or less meaningless and we should take what we can get while we are here. But I do not think that, I think we’ve all lived many prior lives, and that we come back and back again until we fix whatever harm we caused in the past. So sometimes, unfortunately, other people exist for us solely to make us learn our karmic lessons.

But most of us, I think it is safe to say, aren’t completely horrible people. You can find at least some good in every individual, even if it is tainted here or there; and beyond that God is inherently loving and merciful.

It is in that spirit of mercy that He has put into your life an army of quiet supporters, some of whom you know and many of whom right now are nothing but distant strangers. Those people have been placed here, at various signposts throughout your life, to help you make your way on this difficult journey.

I have a Christian friend who explained to me, once, that Jesus experienced the worst feeling in the world when he felt separated from God. I believe that, because I’ve felt it, too; disconnected, alienated, cut off, like life is meaningless, and you are an atom floating all alone in the universe.

If you are feeling that way, I hope you don’t run away from the pain but instead jump headlong into its headlights. Inside the suffering there is an answer to be had, it’s about getting very close to what matters most to you in your life, and normally that is the thing that is hardest for you to confront and the thing which you are most of all tempted to run away from.

God knows what you are feeling. He has already prepared the path for you.

Be open to your supporters. They will help you along the way.

All opinions my own.

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