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The War of the End Times Is Here

I received a very strong feeling this morning on awaking, telling me everything is going to be OK.

Why is this important?


As you all know, I believe we are already immersed in the final war, the war of the End Times. This occurred to me based on reading about the times of the Moshiach (Messiah).


Already I thought that the founding of Israel as a modern Jewish state is part of these times. And that due to our lowly spiritual state the struggle for it is painful, awful, drags us down, and at times has involved evil deeds unfortunately.


Something I read the other day (can’t find the link) enlightened me that this whole thing about “fake news” is just another chapter in our evolution, and in the war.

The proliferation of vicious, malicious lies and character assassination of innocent people, while monsters are held up as role models, is the material expression of the Devil rising up to deceive us as forcefully as possible.

For if we were left to ourselves we would immediately recognize truth from evil and act accordingly. The Messiah would come right away and Satan’s job, ordained from Heaven, is to oppose that.


The source is a PDF readily available online at I don’t know who put it together. It is a compilation of Jewish mystical writings aimed at helping us understand the exile and path to ultimate redemption on a deeper level. (The discussion of the enemies we face is on p. 54.)

Note: This text is Jewish in nature. It is primarily abstract and conceptual. If you’re a technical, literal person, and you don’t like Kabbalistic type inspirational readings, it may not be meaningful to you and may even be off putting.


Because for those of us who are interested in this type of thing, it is powerful. My gut tells me we are looking at truth here.


We are in exile, not just as Jews but as a planet. Good is put down and imprisoned. Evil and suffering dominate.


These are the conceptual enemies we face. I would argue that you should not correlate them with specific religions. They are the energies of evil.

1) Esav – Satanists, idol worshippers, sorcerers, magick practitioners, witches, etc. — people who believe in harnessing the power of science/natural law while *rebelling* against God. To clear something up, Esav is *not* the Christians.

2) Yishmael — the wild, warlike, conquering descendants of Ishmael in the Bible. This is a bit unclear to me as I personally distinguish between radical Islamic terrorists and the God fearing Muslims who are not cruel, godless, woman-abusing conquerors.

 3) The Erev Rav – this is the worst group of all, the “mixed multitudes” meaning they combine good and evil and intermingle with our Torah scholars, and among all good and God fearing people, pretending to be good and sometimes seeming successful, but really they are evil deceivers who turn people away from holiness.


The text says that the Erev Rav “is our greatest enemy” who has the capacity to join Esav and Ishmael together and “destroy Israel and the entire world.”


We are told that the worst enemy, the Erev Rav, “works only through deception and roundabout ways” and that “we must strengthen ourselves for this war.”

Further we are not free to shirk it: “Anyone who does not participate in the battle against the Erev Rav becomes, de facto, a partner…and was better off not being born in the first place.”


The text emphasizes elsewhere (p.46) that “the simple Jews are the ones who sustain the world.”

I believe this means the simple PEOPLE WHO FEAR GOD, not just the Jews – keep in mind this text is aimed at Jewish people.

If you read Isaiah 66 it is clear that Messianic times involve the salvation of all the good people from all the nations.


The End Times (as per the text) are characterized by: Immoral people and particularly immoral Jewish leaders posing as true leaders. A flood of immorality. Money worship. Worship of image instead of goodness. Widespread deception. Deception.

In response we must do the simple and obvious things.

1. Seek truth and speak truth. Stay away from questionable people no matter how they “seem”. We all know people of high regard regularly abuse their station.

2. Pray to God. Only God. It can be in simple terms. God loves simple honest people. He is not with the sophisticated intellectual who has no fear of Him.

3. Find like-minded people and resolve to serve Him and only Him as part of the worldwide community of believers.

4. Repent. That means trying and resolving to be better. It doesn’t mean anything else.

5. Give. Financially support the true poor scholars who study Torah for its own sake. Give charity to the needy. Help with your activism. Selflessness.


The final war has begun.

We will all be judged. We are not really worthy.

But God sees into the hearts of Man. And He has mercy on us for the sake of our efforts, and for the sake of the children.

For goodness sake, please get involved and help.

You have my permission to share this.

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