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A Response to Anti-Semitic Videos

Originally written in response to a question about whether the Jewish religion, or Jewish people, are part of a conspiracy to take over the world/subjugate non-Jews, as is claimed in some videos purporting to be scholarly. 

Let me first say that I am not a rabbi nor am I a scholar of Judaism. I wasn’t even the most attentive student in religious school. But I was raised in a completely religious Jewish environment, and I was exposed to Jewish beliefs, Jewish culture, and the Jewish community in the New York City area. So I feel pretty confident about the things I am about to say.

Number one, the Jews have no plan to take over the world, either now or at some point in the future. Think about it. If we had a plan to take over the world, what is that plan exactly? We must have it very well hidden, because any time you get two Jews in a room there are about 100 different opinions about any issue under discussion.

Number two, within the Jewish community, the vast majority of people do not even believe in God. They do not identify as Jewish. Half of all Jewish marriages are to non-Jewish people. So the assimilation rate is extremely high. Again, if we had a master plan, it is hard to understand how many of us would actually be practicing members of other faiths. You could argue that Jews secretly practice other faiths in order to propagate Judaism at some point later on, but I have never heard of that happening.

That said, I do think there is some kind of master plan, and that it involves subjugating most of the human race. Can I prove this? Of course not. But there is so much obvious deception out there, so much silencing going on, so much that just does not add up. There seem to be a very few people who know what’s going on, while the rest of us are in the dark. And it seems very often like President Trump is fighting an enemy that he cannot share with the rest of us.

If there is a master plan, it is most definitely not a Jewish one, not religiously and not politically. From a Jewish point of view, our Scripture tells us constantly NOT to try and turn other people into Jews. We do not recruit. As far as land goes, we historically and religiously claim only one small space, which is Israel. Unlike other religions, which claim land far and wide, and then say they can’t retreat from it. So we don’t want extra people and we don’t want extra space. Again, this is far from the actions of a group with a master plan.

Do we want to subjugate non-Jewish people when the Messiah comes? In Isaiah it is very clear that we do not. The prophet says that all people who fear God will join together to serve Him as one, even those who are not Jewish. There is no language anywhere in the Bible that suggests we seek to dominate other peoples.

Now – what about the bad behavior of Jews themselves? Theology cannot fix this. The fact of the matter is that there are some Jews, maybe many Jews, who act bad – just like in every other religion. This means you have religious Jews who think they are “better.” You have non-religious Jews who think they are “better.” You have thieves and liars and pedophiles. You have wife-beaters. All of it.

As far as Israel goes, the historical record shows that when Zionism first started, there was a huge debate in the Jewish community. Some Jews were completely secular, in fact they were communists, and they simply wanted to move to the land and create a safe haven for the Jewish people there. Other Jews were more religious, and viewed Zionism as a tremendous existential threat from a religious point of view. They saw, accurately, that there would be an ideology of nationalism, and that nationalism would conflict with religion.

What we see many years later is that Jews, under the rubric of Zionism, have done many things that we should not be proud of or defend. I personally am ashamed of them. But it is also true that we have a real survival threat, and that there was a Holocaust, that we bought the Land of Israel, and that the U.N. created Israel. Also, the Arab countries expelled 850,000 of us, and nobody really cared about that. Unfortunately when people persecute Jews, the world does not exactly cry.

Please note, I am well aware that there are sick cults who do all sorts of things, and that they may call themselves Jews, but I am immersed in the religious community, and among us (and in fact in any mainstream Jewish community, whether Orthodox or not) there is no such thing.

All opinions my own.

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