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Whoa, North Korea

So I was doing the food shopping as usual yesterday and checked Twitter, also as usual and “North Korea” is the #1 story, as in “President Trump says he will handle them on his own, if necessary.”

The reactions were pretty predictable and mirrored mine: “He’s going to get us all killed.”

Around the same time someone shared a clip from the Bill Maher show where Maher basically tells Hillary to “stay in the woods” instead of running for political office again – e.g., you screwed it up and now it’s somebody else’s turn. What I loved about this clip was the diversity of views, in civil if spirited conversation with one another. I haven’t seen such refreshing honesty on TV in some time.

Also this weekend, Mark Cuban also shared his views about President Trump and Russia on Twitter. And again, refreshingly honest, as he basically said – I don’t think Trump did anything, on purpose, but as a businessman he isn’t going to alienate the Russians, and neither would I.

Finally, this morning, I see a story (also here) from “alt-right” (read: independent) journalist Mike Cernovich about who leaked the wiretapping on our President to whom, why, and how.

I am heartened to see that America is waking up from its stupor. We are, however painfully, getting out of the drunken “fake outrage” over politically incorrect gender pronouns and into a state where Democrats, Republicans and Independents can talk to each other once again.

For we have a few very serious problems in this country, and we cannot solve them divided. Between terrorists, gangs from within and without, and human traffickers, we are approaching a kind of tipping point. 

Things may look calm on the outside, but in reality organized crime of every kind is a large and rapidly growing problem.

President Trump cannot do this alone, and he cannot do it while being constantly undermined.

Let’s get together and help him.


All opinions my own.

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