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A Critical Review of Alex Jones’ April 4 Interview With Mike Cernovich

Here is the video; key points are below. The video is long (about 20 minutes) and somewhat rambling and repetitive at times, but there is some significant new information here.

Bottom line, if you read nothing else, is that both claim “pizzagate” is a “false flag” (distraction). The real story, they allege, is that the “Deep State” (rogue elements in the intelligence community) set people up to obtain seeming evidence of pedophilia, blackmail them and thus control their behavior.

  • Cernovich says broke the Susan Rice story so that he could share information he has about how elements in the intelligence community (the “Deep State”) are using blackmail over supposed pedophilia to stop President Trump from governing.
  • “Security clearances are being jammed up,” says Cernovich. “Trump can’t get his people in” because “the people who are doing the security clearances don’t want Trump supporters in because (they’re) not into that kind of stuff” and can’t be blackmailed and thus controlled as is the normal course of business.
  • A key point is that subjects of blackmail may not even be real pedophiles. 
    • “Tier One” targeting is when targets attend “swinger’s clubs” of their own accord and are then pushed into more extreme behavior, until they’re drugged and wake up next to a naked child. Photos are then used to control them. 
    • “Tier Two” is that they (the “Deep State”) hire the security at conventions, like Comic-Con, and recruit second-tier, desperate-looking minors from there, and turn them into sex slaves.
  • Cernovich says he was told “you better never be alone,” because that’s when you’ll get “roofied” and compromised. Jones states that he believes he was set up for this kind of scenario and escaped. 
  • Cernovich says the “pizzagate” story is a distraction – “a false flag run by Deep State” intended to keep people from focusing on the main story. Jones agrees.
  • Jones says that there is a “war” going on and Trump is against the pedophiles, and has even pledged to kill them.
  • Jones says (as we have heard frequently) that Russia is in effect a false narrative.
  • They briefly discuss how radical Islam plays into this scenario. They allege an alliance between them and the Deep State that is rooted in mutual acceptance of (and even promotion of) pedophilia.
  • Both Jones and Cernovich state that they are aware of being spied on (Cernovich specifically mentions a service interruption in his wifi). Jones states that CIA sources have said they can’t come on anymore, because their lives “are being ruined.” Both state that they are willing to go to court, if necessary. Both state that they will never give up. Cernovich states that he has provided for his family, just in case something happens to him (God forbid).
Reading the above, questions come to mind. Here are just a few:
  • Who in the intelligence community, exactly, is the “Deep State?” Can we be more specific about that term? Is it national, international, or what exactly is it and how can it be defined?
  • There appears to be some circular reasoning here. Trump is against pedophilia, so he wants to “drain the swamp.” The swamp, in return, uses pedophilia that doesn’t really exist otherwise, so as to continue engaging in illicit behavior.
  • How bad is organized child sex trafficking? Is the issue the trafficking itself primarily, or is it primarily that the Deep State kidnaps and controls relatively few children in order to control those in charge?
  • Where are the children coming from who are supposedly used in Deep State blackmail operations? 
  • Jones says that the Deep State is promoting the normalization of pedophilia. Why would they do that, if they want people to continue to be repulsed by it, so that it can be used as blackmail material?
  • If “pizzagate” is indeed a false flag, what is one to do with all the information that researchers have uncovered? What about the threats that have been leveled against researchers? Are we to believe this was all part of an elaborate psychological operation?
  • How has Alex Jones been broadcasting for so long, and seemingly revealed so much, without being taken down? Is he some sort of “controlled opposition?”
All opinions my own.

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