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We Need Better Data On Child Sex Trafficking

Here’s a 10 minute Periscope on a matter which concerns me very much: we need better data on child sex trafficking.

Without good data, the public can easily become either hysterical or cynical about the nature and scope of this problem.

We don’t want disinformation or misinformation. Witch hunts only hurt, they do not help.

Here’s an example of a video that states there is no proven connection between Hasidic Jews and organized child sex trafficking, but visually makes the association nevertheless — using a renowned Hasidic Jewish whistleblower’s actions from about 5 years ago as an example.

In contrast, there is an excellent video by Paul Joseph Watson which shows the involvement of those at the highest levels of power in horrific child sex trafficking rings. Always a coverup, always an attempt to silence those who want to talk about it.

There is a protest against the lack of transparency about Anthony Weiner’s hard drive, and the alleged evidence it contains, on April 7 at One Police Plaza in New York City.


All opinions my own.

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