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After Ten Years Of Beating His Wife, This Silicon Valley CEO Gets Less Than One Month In Jail.

This case is especially chilling because we are looking at an outwardly successful couple, in the land of high-tech startups, and there is an audio recording of one of the beatings, and he’s talking about fixing a website very calmly while calling her a bitch and proceeding to hit her over and over again as she begs him to stop. (Warning: very upsetting.)

As outlined by career blogger Penelope Trunk in her article on this story, here are 4 risk factors for abuse (bullets are quoted):

  • Socioeconomic pressures
  • Low self-esteem
  • Untreated mental health issues
  • A lack of appropriate coping skills

Read Neha Rastogi’s Victim Impact Statement here.

How does a wife-beater get only 30 days in jail?

To help other victims, potential and actual, please share this information widely.

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