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Child Sex Trafficking: "It’s How Things Are Done In Hollywood’

What are the statistics, if any, on the number of Hollywood child stars used and abused by “the industry?”

One journalist who worked in Hollywood, Thomas Wictor, says that sex with children in Hollywood — not just in private, but actually in front of “audiences” — is a police-protected open secret.

Skipping ahead a few Tweets, to save you the trouble of scrolling.
Skipping one more Tweet.
Child sex trafficking in Hollywood.
Molesting child stars.
“Nothing to see here; move on.” Right?
It’s part of American culture.
It’s how things are done for fame, power and money.
Originally posted August 3, 2017 to by Dannielle Blumenthal, Ph.D. All opinions are the authors’ own. Cover photo: Google screenshot.

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