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Just Say No To Civil War

My beautiful country the United States of America. A Nation sowed with the blood of those who died, the tears of those who lost their loved ones. 
I hear their screams of anguish in my heart.
And as I watch the hate-fueled violence happening again in Boston today, my feelings turn into fury. For I know it is the corrupt among us who feed off this civil war, a war they create and manipulate. 
It is a war which has no logical reason and no logical end. 
They want good Americans to fight and die. To distract us from the money they’ve stolen from our bank accounts, mortgaging our future and compromising our National security. 
They hide behind smoke and mirrors — nice words.  But the truth is, they spend their lives hiding, in fancy suites on high floors and huge, gated mansions. 
They pretend to be on our side, but their actions show they are not.
For good leaders promote peace, security and prosperity for the people. All the people. No exceptions. 
Last I heard, John Lennon, JFK and MLK–all of them nonviolent revolutionaries for peace–met the same end.
There is a price tag on the American flag. Some people have sold out our Nation. 

It’s time we unite, and refuse all the offers to hate. 
We must restore order. 

We must get Democracy back.


 By Dannielle (Dossy) Blumenthal, Ph.D. All opinions are the author’s own. This blog is hereby released into the public domain.

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