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Don’t Be A Personal Branding Jerk

I’m sitting here working on my blog and a lady passes by who is definitely famous. 

She turns to look at me, as she sees me seeing her. That flicker of recognition is in my headalthough I don’t know her name, I know that she is someone.

Lots of makeup there, hair done perfectly. But she doesn’t look that good.

I used to live in New York, many years ago, and when I did, occasionally I would see celebrities on the street. 

Tony Randall, on the Upper West Side.

Ann Curry, on 23rd Street. (Our kids went to the same karate studio as hers.)

Jon Cryer, downtown.

They looked like regular people.

As a marketing person I had the opportunity to interview one of the leading lights of the industry.

Another plain Jane.

Paradoxically, people striving to be famous tend to preen over themselves, like cats licking their fur.

You know these types of people. They’re very into personal branding. They take themselves super-seriously. 

The ambition they have is not normal self-empowerment, self-respect. It’s more like they think about themselves in the purely objective form, pretty much all the time. Like products.

The further they run toward the spotlight, the more their humanity is lost.
What’s the right way to present yourself in public? What’s best?

As a celebrity, honestly, it’s probably a good idea to spend that extra time styling yourself, on the assumption that people will see you.

As an also-ran, maybe don’t get so overly obsessed with yourself. People don’t care as much about your “look” as you think.

And the huge display of ego is definitely off-putting.


Copyright 2017 by Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are Dr. Blumenthal’s own. All rights reserved. Zoolander movie poster via Wikipedia.

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