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12 Questions for Hillary Clinton About Pizzagate

“At Philly book appearance, Hillary Clinton shuts down ‘Pizzagate’ interloper,” reads the December 1, 2017 headline. “Local conspiracy theorist grabs national attention with Thursday night screamfest.

What is all the fuss about pizza? Who is this heckler, Howard Caplan, also known as “Pizzagate Howie?”

For those unfamiliar with the issue, Pizzagate started with John Podesta’s leaked emails, which contained many references to pizza. Many of the references clearly have to do with food. Others are less so. 

For example, this one, dated September 2, 2014, is clearly not. Someone named Susan Sandler emails John Podesta to ask:

“The realtor found a handkerchief (I think it has a map that seems pizza-related. Is it yorus? (sic) They can send it if you want. I know you’re busy, so feel free not to respond if it’s not yours or you don’t want it.” 

Podesta replies: 

“It’s mine, but not worth worrying about.”

President Obama is named in another email as having spent $65,000 on “pizza/dogs” which he transported from Chicago to the White House. However, the White House doesn’t allow outside food for security reasons.

Even if security protocols were to allow such a thing, why would you spend so much money on such simple food? Why would you refer to “using the same channels?”
One is tempted to argue that the emails are “nothing,” but then again there are some odd references to children, like this one, from an email dated October 8, 2015 from Tamera Luzzatto, addressed to John Podesta and more than a dozen others.  How is it that children ages 7-11 are described as being in a pool for “entertainment?”

“Bonnie will be Uber Service to transport Ruby, Emerson, and Maeve Luzzatto (11, 9, and almost 7) so you’ll have some further entertainment, and they will be in that pool for sure.”

And then there is this email, from Tony Podesta to John Podesta, dated January 8, 2014

“I’m seated with the kids so little wired.”

It would be unremarkable except for the fact that Tony Podesta’s preferences in art are notorious for their pedophilic content:

(Others have reported on the fact that John and Tony Podesta also post art depicting cannibalism in their homes.) 

Of course, there is also this infamous February 4, 2011 Tweet by Andrew Breitbart, who died at an untimely age, along with his coroner:

“How prog-guru John Podesta isn’t household name as world class underage sex slave op cover-upperer defending unspeakable dregs escapes me.”

Blogger “Protiguous” writes about “My Horrifying Experience With Cheese Pizza on Tor,” July 19, 2014: 

“I stumble across a post that says something like “Hey guys, check out this cheese pizza!”….There are more people replying to the posts/threads like that. I in some posts, I see the words ‘child’, ’13yo’, and ‘CP’ in others. That’s when it hits me.. CheesePizza == child porn. I realize in moments that “cheese pizza” has got to be slang for “child porn”. WTF! I almost viewed some child porn. I felt sick. The thought that people get off on that stuff. The thought about how abused the children who have this sick perversion intertwined into theirs lives.. The bottom of my stomach sank. This is horrible. How can we stop these perverts.”

Cheese pizza is an acknowledged street code for child pornography going back to at least 2010.

On October 23, 2017, the Associated Press reported that corrections officer Stephen Salamak was arrested after posting a Craigslist ad seeking “cheese pizza,” a reference to child pornography.

But most people know about Pizzagate through James Alefantis’ Instagram account, now offline, which is filled with sexualized images and words relating to children and/or pizza.  (The more graphic images are so disturbing, I have refrained here from posting them.)

As someone who has been following this issue from the beginning and who attended the March 25, 2017 “pizzagate” protest in Washington, DC, I think it is entirely appropriate for the public to be concerned about the behavior of some of the most powerful people on earth towards children — including but not limited to powerful Democrats like Hillary Clinton. 

In fact, you can still see online my videos from that day. It was a day filled with prayer and pleas for justice: 
But the people who attended Clinton’s event did not think that investigating child sex trafficking was legitimate if it had anything to do with Hillary. And so of course, Caplan was escorted out the door. 

To her credit, Hillary did spend a few moments commenting on the issue. Here is a summary of her key points, as reported in
  1. Pizzagate is a “made up” story.
  2. The perpetrators are “people on the right.”
  3. The claim is that she and John Podesta “were running a child sex-trafficking ring in the basement of a pizzeria in Washington, D.C.”
  4. Ordinary citizens believe that she and John Podesta are guilty of child sex trafficking either because they are “misguided souls” or because they were convinced by “right-wing blowhards.”
  5. The pizza place in question has nothing to do with child sex trafficking.
  6. Protesters showed up to call attention to the child sex trafficking ring they thought was located in the basement of the pizzeria.
  7. The public got so whipped up over this hysteria that one man misguidedly tried to “go be a hero and rescue those children” by showing up at Comet with a loaded gun, terrifying everyone in the process and demonstrating the power of false accusations. 
One might argue that she wouldn’t have dignified such “insanity” at the event if the crowd were not supportive. Indeed, they were, bolstered by:
  • A year of words and catchphrases repeated over and over again, in a deeply collusive mainstream media environment, designed to discredit the public’s concerns without actually investigating them. See for example coverage by The New York Times, which from the outset deemed Pizzagate a “conspiracy theory.” Note the word “debunked,” as well, which was used from the beginning — when in fact no such thing has occurred. 
  • A distorted version of the public’s concerns, summarized as “child trafficking ring in the basement.” As someone who has followed this from the start, I can report with confidence that nobody has ever made this claim.
  • Focus on a crime whose nature is highly suspicious: The gunman who went to Comet was supposedly there to rescue kids, but as National Public Radio reported, he shot “shot through the lock of a closet, damaging a computer.” It was later reported that Comet was under investigation for online child pornography, a charge the DC Police Department at first confirmed and then denied, even hanging up the phone on reporter Liz Crokin. To date, Freedom of Information Act requests — filed by Caplan (original deleted) and researcher Titus Frost — regarding the incident have not thus far been fulfilled, as far as we know.
Even more to her credit, according to the article, Clinton told the audience to “let him (Caplan) talk” after the audience booed him. 

Sadly, he never got that chance. Therefore, here are my questions for her, questions which I think a journalist might ask. They may be useful to anyone who is interested in investigating further. (I posted these in a thread earlier today to Twitter as well):

1. How would you compare your record on child sex trafficking with President Donald J. Trump?

2. When you were at the State Department, did you make an active effort to stop child sex trafficking? Beyond the required annual Trafficking In Persons report?

3. When you were Secretary of State, did you block, impede, or otherwise stifle an investigation into one of your employees for pedophilia overseas? Did you threaten anyone?

4. Did you direct State Department employees to work with President Obama, the Department of Defense, and/or USAID to stop the “cultural practice” whereby Afghans rape young boys? Or did the US military have to listen to their screams and do nothing?

5. Did you enable, facilitate, or help in any way the trafficking of children to Saudi Arabia in return for donations to the Clinton Foundation?

6. Do you have personal knowledge of Saudi Arabia abducting US children for use as sex slaves? Under cover of custody cases?

7. Do you have knowledge of John Podesta and/or Tony Podesta “lobbying” or using PR and/or media influence tactics to shield Saudi Arabia’s reputation for coordinated sex crimes committed against children?

8. Have you personally ever used the services of a sex slave? (Note: the language here is NSFW.)

9) How many trips have you taken on Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking airplane? Why? What did you do on his island? 

“We know that both of them have been a major part and participant of what’s called The Lolita Express, which is a plane owned by Mr. Jeff Epstein, a wealthy multi-millionaire who flies down to the Bahamas and allows Bill Clinton and Hillary to engage in sex with minors.” – Former State Dept. official Steve Pieczenik

“Journalist Liz Crokin reports here that she feels that Hillary Clinton will eventually be indicted in connection with a sex video of herself, her assistant, Huma Abedin and an underage girl. The video was allegedly discovered on the computer of Human Abedin’s husband, Anthony Weiner. Crokin here tells of a folder on Weiner’s computer titled ‘Life Insurance,’  containing several sex videos.”

10) Are you aware of any criminal activity involving the trafficking of children by James Alefantis for others, whether using Comet Ping Ping or not?

11) Are you aware of child pornography on Comet Ping Pong’s hard drive, for sale or not? Are you aware that the Comet shooter shot at a closet containing a hard drive?

12) Child sex trafficking, online or off, is one of the worst violations of a child that I can imagine. You frequently talk about the importance of caring for women and children. Have you disavowed child sex trafficking? Used your power to help investigate? 

For interrupting Clinton’s event, Howard Caplan was promptly labeled an “a–hole” and a “deranged #Pizzagate heckler” on social media, as Philly Voice reports.

If wanting answers to the real questions makes me an “a–hole” and “deranged,” then those labels apply to me, too.

Copyright 2017 by Dr. Dannielle (Dossy) Blumenthal. All opinions are Dr. Blumenthal’s own. This post is hereby released into the public domain. 

Updated December 4, 2017 to include:

Things you can’t bring into the White House
Steve Pieczenik quote
Robert David Steele comments

Anthony Weiner hard drive – discussion of possible contents
Andrew Breitbart comment 
Daily Beast coverage of the unexplained death of Breitbart’s autopsy technician:

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