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Cataloguing the Common Characteristics in Allegations of Luciferian Cult-Based Child Abuse


This document was prepared in the spirit of the Victims’ Rights’ Movement, to facilitate a law enforcement system that is focused primarily on ensuring redress for those who have been harmed by crime. The method of doing so is to assist law enforcement in recognizing, classifying, investigating and prosecuting a class of criminals which is all the more dangerous for its organized nature and ability to evade justice.


As did President Obama before him, President Trump has declared January 2018 National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Five years ago, well before he was a candidate for office, President Trump declared his concern about human trafficking and the need for the death penalty for those proven to be trading in children.

Moved by the President’s clarity and concern, I note that there is a significant lack of serious discussion and debate over the common themes reported by victims of abuse. These include figures commonly either ignored or labeled as “frauds,” “mentally unstable” or “conspiracy theorists.”

Among the many who have written about their experiences, some of the most well-known today include: Cathy O’Brien, Dr. Sue Arrigo, Fiona Barnett, Becki Piercy, and Sarah Ruth Aschcraft and Christopher Cronsell. (In addition, there is an extended interview with “Kendall,” who appeared on the Dr. Phil show early in 2017, that received widespread attention.)

I have also been following reports by and about journalists who have been harassed or silenced after reporting on similar matters, for example: Liz Crokin, Ben Swann, David Seaman, Andrew Breitbart, and Max Spiers. (There are also numerous activists and investigators who have reported harassment for their efforts to learn more.)

I find it hard to believe that all of the victims’ statements, and in particular the consistencies between them, could be manufactured out of whole cloth; I find it hard to believe that anyone would go to the trouble of bothering a journalist unless they wanted to keep them quiet.

Statement of Personal Bias

Any investigation of data should contain some sort of statement as to the researcher’s personal motivations or biases, and potential conflicts of interest. Clearly, while I am attempting to be objective here, there is no doubt that this is a form of sociological action research. Following is a list of what I see as my personal limitations in presenting data on this subject:

  • Spiritual: I am a deep believer in God, and I believe that God has infused me with the desire and the passion to pursue this subject continuously until children are safe from all forms of abuse and arbitrary harm. I also am a grandchild of Holocaust survivors and honor my own grandfather’s work to achieve redress for Jews massacred, where the perpetrators tried to cover up their crimes. 
  • Emotional: a strong passion for protecting children and other victims of sexual violence, and an equally strong belief that they are not well-served by the social institutions which could protect them and exact justice from the perpetrators of such crimes. I personally know victims of rape, sexual abuse and domestic violence, and child abuse, and I see the trauma they suffer for a lifetime. 
  • Qualifications: I am neither a criminal investigator nor a psychologist; I am not even a full-time researcher on this subject, and as such, I do not have the qualifications that others clearly possess to make judgments on the data. 
  • Resources: I have very limited time within which to conduct this research, and limited funding, and so the type of evidence I am predisposed to share tends toward material that can easily be collected within a self-reinforcing circle of “believers” and professed victims themselves. 

To compensate for these limitations, it is my hope that this material impartially reviewed by as many disinterested parties as possible.


It should also be said that any and all opinions expressed here are, as always, my own and I do not represent any individual, organization, or entity in putting them forward. This is important in particular because I am a civil service employee and a professional lecturer, and my own research and thinking stands apart from the institutions that I serve.

The Law Enforcement Dilemma

The allegation that there is a worldwide network of organized criminals who specialize in cult-based child abuse sounds extreme. But if indeed they do exist, such criminals would necessarily be highly motivated to cover their tracks, and prevent law enforcement from capturing them. Their tactics would necessarily take the form of:

  • silencing or eliminating victims and witnesses; 
  • blackmailing, bribing or eliminating concerned third parties, such as politicians and journalists; 
  • infiltrating the top ranks of potentially interventionary social institutions, such as institutions of higher education and religion; 
  • achieving controlling stakes in the basic levers of government, business and the economy as a whole; and 
  • disrupting the operations of police, judges, the courts, the media, Congress, and even the President of the United States. 

It is not difficult to imagine that the dilemma of law enforcement in prosecuting such criminals, given the immense disparity in resources between them and the children they allegedly victimize, combined with the alleged sophistication of their tactics.

Nevertheless, the fact that law enforcement is confronted with a dilemma in prosecuting organized criminals does not mean that they should shy away from taking action. This paper was developed to assist them.

Limitations of the Data

Others have pointed out that it’s too easy to “prove” a phenomenon by saying that others have effectively covered it up. In that spirit, and since we are talking about crime and the prosecution of its perpetrators, it is important to acknowledge why many others doubt the existence of organized Luciferian cults dedicated to ritual abuse. (The distinction between Luciferian and satanic is deliberate; the word is used to impute a theological framework dedicated to personal enlightenment outside the context of a deity.)

Indeed, for several decades, allegations related to occult ritual abuse have been investigated, and ultimately widely discredited in mainstream discourse. This is not necessarily because there is a “conspiracy” to disbelieve survivors, but rather because the nature of the claims is so strong that a correspondingly high level of evidence is needed in order to substantiate them.

In the absence of such evidence, the law enforcement community is left with significant concerns:

  • Preserving the right to due process of the accused;
  • Helping people suffering from psychological conditions, such as dissociative identity disorder, to obtain treatment; 
  • Disciplining members of the mental health community who may have coached (exploited) individuals into traumatic false memories; 
  • Calming a public fearful of potential dangers that may not exist. 

Meta-Concerns In Evidentiary Discourse

One would hope that public discourse would winnow out false information and enable investigators to get closer to the truth. However, if indeed such a crime syndicate exists, it would necessarily employ a range of “disinformation” tactics in order to distract investigators from the pursuit of justice. While it is not necessary to get into every specific propaganda tool one could use in such a case, examples might include counter-accusations related to the subject matter (e.g., terming it a “conspiracy theory), the incorporation of political agendas, insults and name-calling, and so on.

Common Themes In Victims’ Allegations

With all of the above said, and with gratitude for Sarah Ruth Ashcraft’s generous contributions here (much of the language comes directly from her on Twitter), what follows is a listing of allegations, themes, characteristics and statements that have emerged from the data. Please note that most of the language is Sarah’s; my own, shorter original list appears here.

Regardless of who formulated the specific words, this is really a very rough draft developed by an amateur who cares. I hope that law enforcement (and other interested parties) will take this listing and work with it. This is not necessarily to prove that they are accurate, but rather to examine them critically from the perspective that a large-scale criminal syndicate may in fact exist and a very few victims have escaped intact enough to provide the details.

The immediate goal is to intercept currently operational networks, if they exist, and also to educate the public about those aspects of the criminal networks which are a valid cause for concern.


  • Chronic, coordinated and severe abuse physically, sexually, emotionally, mentally, socially and spiritually throughout childhood 
  • Leveraging of ego & attachments, motherlessness, delierate abuse through attachments to teach individuals to trust no one, leveraging shame/guilt, isolation 
  • Separation of consciousness from the body (dissociation) 


  • Adrenochrome 
  • Animal sacrifice 
  • Drinking blood 
  • Cannibalism 
  • Mutilation 

Child Sexual Abuse

  • Child prostitution 
  • Child pornography 
  • Child sex trafficking 
  • Child sex slavery 
  • Pedophilia 
  • Universal blackmail to control members; everyone has to “make their bones” by raping a child or killing an infant on film 


  • Illegal human experimentation 
  • Eugenics, genetic engineering 
  • Epigenetics 
  • Cloning 
  • Stem cell research 


  • Women as breeders 
  • Fathers as pimps 
  • Intergenerational 
  • Indoctrination in childhood 
  • Family patterns of behavior 
  • Naming conventions 
  • Forced abortion/miscarriage for any woman who is not voluntarily participating or 100% mind controlled (only those guaranteed to raise their children within cult doctrine are allowed to procreate) 
  • Strict regulation of who is allowed to marry 
  • “Keep it in the Family” including bloodlines, money, and power 

Institutional Enabling

  • Collusion by corrupt law enforcement 
  • Collusion by corrupt media 
  • International networks 


  • Cages 
  • Hunting games 
  • Infanticide, deriving strength from human blood 
  • Forced killing 

Mind Control

  • Neuro Linguistic programming 
  • Mind control programs/names 
  • Love-bombing 
  • Charm 
  • Force of WILL over all else. 
  • Trauma based mind control programming – assassin programs and other militaristic programs like spy, double agent, freedom fighter, etc. 
  • Weaponized mind-controlled multiples programmed for ritual murder, kidnapping, and other tasks 


  • Brainwashing 
  • Mind control such that multiple personalities are deliberately accessed 
  • Superior mental abilities as a result of mind control training 
  • Seclusion 
  • Loyalty games 
  • Secrecy 
  • Threats/punishment against anyone who tells 


  • Overturning anything natural 
  • Murder instead of natural death 
  • Trans gender 
  • “Becoming” instead of being 
  • Truth turned into its opposite, calling the victim the perpetrator, perpetrator claiming victim status, etc. 


  • Cult patterns with respect to naming convention and birth order to signal an individual’s status/role within the cult 
  • Initiation rituals at certain ages for children 
  • Initiation rituals for active/aware members 
  • Occult ritual, satanic/Luciferian/goddess worship ritual, human sacrifice 

Social Life

  • Pretense of normal outer life 
  • Pretense of elite social status 
  • Elite social networks 
  • Fostering a belief in superiority 
  • Group rituals, robes 

Social Control

  • Pyramid hierarchy, for group as a whole and for all individual sects within larger group. Everyone has an “owner” or “handler” higher up who controls them 
  • Entire system designed for and around top-down power & control 
  • Social engineering, handlers, orchestration of all relationships and jobs to keep someone under watch and controlled by a handler 
  • Gang stalking, surveillance, coordination among the bad actors 
  • Gaslighting, denial, dismiss and discredit victims, hospitalize victim in bogus psych ward and misdiagnose dissociation as schizophrenia or bipolar to discredit victim 

Symbols, Signs and Code Words

  • Trigger words 
  • Hand/clothing signs 
  • Ritual practices 
  • Symbols and codes 
  • Ancient Egyptian cult symbols, Phoenician alphabet 
  • Writing backwards and forwards 
  • Seals of Solomon 
  • Hand signals 
  • Clothing/accessory codes 
  • Secret passwords 


  • Theosophy – the justification for evil in the world as “God’s will” 
  • Claim to divinity / non-human origin and DNA 
  • Copying real religion as though to mock/reverse 
  • Dualism, false dichotomies (good/evil, black/white, positive/negative, male/female, etc). Intentional employment of logical fallacies to confuse and obfuscate 
  • Psychopathic manipulation and deception tactics. 
  • Power and control tactics 

With God’s help, may true justice be done.

Posted December 31, 2017 by Dr. Dannielle (Dossy) Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. With gratitude to Sarah Ruth Ashcraft and the many others who have gone public to describe the horrifying crimes perpetrated against them, in detail. That said, descriptions of alleged cult tactics are derived from statements made online by people not personally known to the author, and their comments have not been verified in a court of law, to the author’s knowledge. All individuals are innocent until proven guilty. This post is hereby released into the public domain. CC0 Creative Commons photo via Pixabay. Please repost and share.

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